Security Clearance Jobs

Security Clearance 101 - Employment Opportunities

Security clearance jobs are generally specialized positions which require a high level of confidentiality. There are various levels of security clearance jobs and each level has a higher standard in order to pass a security clearance for the employee. These types of jobs are highly sought after positions which require a lifetime of good choices in order to obtain them. Here are example of high security clearance jobs.

FBI & CIA Agents

FBIAll FBI and CIA employees are required to undergo an extensive background search in order to become an employee of these government agencies. The jobs require an extreme adeptness for keeping a low profile. Security clearance for these jobs is high level. A person seeking this type of job will need to have an exemplary criminal history, lacking any type of conviction or hint of dishonesty. Their credit rating must be in an exceptional state as well. This is just one example of a career needing security clearance.

Specialized Armed Forces

Military ForcesSpecialized armed forces personnel are required to have some level of security clearance in order to perform their duties. There are many different types of specialized forces and therefore the level of necessary security clearance can range from the lowest to the highest. For low level security clearance, a recent background check as well as credit ratings may be considered for the purpose of determining the ability to act according to instruction as well as keeping certain information confidential. The highest level of security will require a much more in-depth study of a person’s life before they are qualified for specialized positions within the armed forces.

Any civilian seeking work within the boundaries of a military base will be required to pass a minimum security clearance to maintain their job. Although it is possible to obtain employment on a military base without a security clearance, there generally comes a time when the clearance must be issued to continue employment on the base. Higher security clearance is necessary for those seeking jobs that require entry into gated areas of the base.

Police Investigators

PolicePolice investigators will require a high level of security clearance to obtain the position. Police investigators must be trustworthy to remain free from bias. They must also be gifted in gaining the trust of others. A security clearance will prove that ability.

High security clearance is extremely difficult to obtain. A spotless court record and excellent credit are absolute necessities for this type of clearance. A thorough investigation is required, including interviews with people from the past and present of the applicant. Every aspect of the life of an applicant is open to investigation and it is likely it will all be checked for truthfulness. Those who are dishonest on a security clearance application will not be cleared. The ideal candidate for any given security clearance position will be the one who is capable of passing this most invasive test.